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If you have attempted to fix a faulty wire, you will know that it can be a difficult task. This small fault can be potentially life threatening to you and you’re family if it is not correctly fixed by an electrical professional. Here at Landmark Electricals, we understand that fixing electrical faults can be costly and time-consuming. We have developed services especially designed to cater to all problems, but also ensuring that our services are at affordable prices.

If you are in the Hawthorn area and are looking for an electrician, Landmark Electricals have electricians in Hawthorn whom are certified and are considered trusted electrical contractors in town.

Our electricians in Hawthorn are trustworthy, reliable and are all certified. Whether it is something as small as changing a bulb or as complicated as fitting an energy efficiency air conditioning system, Landmark Electrical have the best electrician in Hawthorn all equipped to conduct the job.

As of recent, solar energy has been a popular and expensive alternative to reducing your electricity bills. Many new homes today have implemented solar panels in their homes and this in turn has been proven to be environmentally friendly and a great alternative to be green. The teams at Landmark Electrician provide expert solar panel installation in the Hawthorn area. Please visit our website or call us if you would like any of our current services.

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