Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing

Electrical Installation Testing

Electrical Installation Testing should be carried out regularly to prevent identify potential issues before they become a life threatening hazard. Our Melbourne based electricians carry out all facets of electrical testing in your residential or commercial installation. All test results are presented with a test certificate and/or a Certificate of Electrical Safety were applicable.

If you are concerned about the safety of the wiring in your premises, please contract Landmark Electrical today to organise electrical testing in Melbourne

Portable Appliance Testing

PAT (Test and Tag) has become an integral part of Health and Safety requirements for all employers and landlords in Melbourne. Designed to protect all persons, the regulations state that portable appliance testing must carried out to ensure equipment is certified as electrically safe. Portable appliances are defined as any electrical items that can be plugged into the mains, for example, kettles, lamps, microwaves, TV’s, office equipment, power tools etc.

The interval between each test varies and depends on both the type of appliance and the environment it is used in.

Smoke Detector Testing

Landmark Electrical provides smoke detector testing right across Melbourne. A team member will replace the battery, physically inspect, clean and perform a smoke test to ensure correct operation of the smoke detector. As licensed electricians we can also install and relocate all types of 230v interconnected smoke alarms.

Landmark Electrical Contractors is here to help with all of your electrical testing needs.

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