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Commercial Lighting

At Landmark, we understand that high-quality commercial lighting solutions are essential in the proper operations of a business and for the proper welfare of its people. In the office setting, conducive lighting is key to the productivity as well as the health of office goers. In the retail industry, proper lighting is as effective as a well-formed advertisement in attracting interest from consumers. In factory or warehouse effective industrial lighting is crucial for the safety of workers. Thus, we offer professional electrical services suited for all manners and sizes of commercial applications, and we do this with the highest level of reliability, accountability, and quality.

When upgrading or employing new commercial lighting in Melbourne, Landmark Electrical can demonstrate and explain the advantages of each type of light technology to help you make an informed decision. If your warehouse or factory is looking dim or maybe the layout has changed, our industrial lighting solutions will help you see the work place in a new light.

Our highly skilled electrical contractors in Melbourne can help businesses find the most cost and energy efficient lighting solutions that are suitable for their business and can provide full setup, installation, testing, and maintenance of these lighting systems. Our team can also ensure that these solutions are properly maintained and comply with the highest standards in the quality and safety for the full benefit of our valued business clients.

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