Energy Efficiency

Using energy in the most efficient and practical way has never been more important. At Landmark Electrical we understand there is no one size fits all answer to reducing your power usage. This is why we have developed a wide range of energy efficient solutions to achieve a reduction of energy consumption while maintaining or improving your workplace or home, while consistently reducing overall energy costs.

Energy Efficient Solutions

Our detailed and measured approach to helping our clients achieve high levels of energy efficiency in the most cost effective way.

Energy Monitoring
The first step in improving energy efficiency is to know when and how much is used.

Energy Auditing
Landmark Electrical provide basic and detailed audits of energy consumption. This allows us to create accurate and cost effective energy efficient solutions.

A/C and Extraction Solutions
Reduction of energy waste by means of new technology, redesign and improvements in control

Voltage Optimisation
By improving the power supplied from the grid, energy efficient improvements can be gained in every device that consumes power.

Energy Efficient Lighting
Old worn out lights and out dated technologies now make way for highly efficient low maintenance lighting.

Energy Efficient Power
Energy Efficient solutions can even be applied to power circuits to help ensure energy is not wasted.


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