Energy Efficient Air Conditioning and Air Movement

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

As part of Landmark Electrical Contractors goal to reduce energy wastage, we have developed a range of energy efficient air conditioning and air movement solutions to improve the way energy is consumed by your existing heating, cooling and air movement systems.

In the past we have been able to achieve a reduction in energy consumption of over 30%. As well as the obvious cost benefits, there are also substantial equipment reliability gains to be made through increased optimisation of the equipment operation. Our product options range from small modifications such the installation of Smartcool devices or Variable Speed Drives to the whole replacement of old outdated and inefficient equipment. We have a range of solutions suitable for small AC units and extraction systems all the way up to large industrial chillers.

As each installation is unique, please contact us now to arrange a site visit and discussion on the most suitable energy efficient air conditioning or air movement solution for you.

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