Energy Auditing

Landmark Electrical Contractors provide a range of energy auditing services. We put time and effort into understanding the way your installation uses energy. This service ranges from on the spot measuring of energy usage to installation of data logging energy monitors. This allows us to show our clients exactly how much energy is being consumed to help make educated decisions and strategies to minimize energy wastage.

Free Basic Energy Audit

  • A discussion on what areas our customers would like to improve on. This helps to understand what measurement technique will be used.
  • Basic Energy Audit – A site walk through is conducted as well as energy readings taken to gain a broad view of energy usage.
  • Solutions Proposed – Using the information gathered, Landmark Electrical Contractors will offer a no obligation quote for the most effective solutions to improve your energy efficiency including the estimated return on investment.
  • Job Completion – After the improvements are made, another basic energy audit is completed and report generated to verify the improvements.

A Free Basic Energy Audit is standard with all efficiency improvements undertaken by Landmark Electrical Contractors

Detailed Energy Audit

A detailed energy audit is performed to pinpoint energy wastage across all electrical aspects of a site.

A detailed site visit includes:

  • Installation of several energy measuring data loggers, installed for a period of 1 to 4 weeks. This allows us to analyze in detail how and when energy is being consumed.
  • Measurements of individual circuits, appliances and plant equipment.
  • Electrical mapping of the installation.
  • Identification of load types
  • A detailed report containing the captured data and highlighting the areas that require the most improvement.
  • An Action Plan detailing how the improvements can be made.

A detailed energy audit is a great way to ensure you are doing everything possible to reduce your carbon foot print, while benefiting from reduced energy costs!

As every installation is different, please contact us now to discuss which energy auditing option is best suited to you.

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