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Electricity plays an important part of everyday lives. When an electrical fault occurs, it can affect and disrupt our personal or business ways. Searching for the right electrician to find solutions to your electrical problems can be a daunting and painful task. If you are located in Melbourne, Landmark Electricals will send out a Melbourne electrician to your location of choice.

All our electricians in Melbourne are state licensed, thus when you hire our electricians, you can be rest assured that we will provide you with qualified, skilled and experienced professionals for the job at hand. At Landmark Electricals, we do not only tend to wiring of your house, but you can also hire our Melbourne electrician for other electrical tasks such as solar power installation and network cable installation.  At Landmark Electrician we adhere to completing the task at professional Australian standards, without compromising on quality of service or the raw materials used.

Consumers spend most of their monthly budget paying electricity bills however at Landmark Electrical we have a solution to help you, and that is our energy saving lighting solutions. As the name suggests we have helped hundreds of clients across Melbourne save an enormous amount on electricity consumption and bills.  By choosing Landmark Electricals you will save and benefit from our great selection of electrical services.

Our Wide Range Of Electrical Services

We specialize in the supply, installation, and maintenance of a wide range of electrical solutions for homes and offices across Melbourne. Our main electrical services in Melbourne include:

Domestic Lighting
Our electricians in Melbourne understand the challenges in setting up the safest, most efficient, and most appropriate lighting system for your home.

Domestic Power
Our professional electricians can provide a comprehensive electrical service in Melbourne for the full design, installation, and maintenance of power systems for the home.

We at Landmark Electrical Contractors can provide retrofits to make your electrical system more efficient and to improve the functionality of existing electrical solutions.

Commercial Lighting
At Landmark, we understand that high-quality lighting solutions are essential in the proper operations of a business and for the proper welfare of its people.

Commercial Solar
Our commercial solar contractors have a single goal in mind: to help businesses meet the highest standards in the use of sustainable electrical resources.

Commercial Power
With our installation expertise and our maintenance skill, we can handle commercial electrical projects of any size, from the smallest such as in a retail store to the largest such as in an industrial environment.

Installation testing should be carried out regularly to prevent and identify potential issues before they become a life threatening hazard. Our Melbourne based electricians can test all facets of electrical safety in your residential or commercial installation.

Electrical Maintenance
We at Landmark Electrical are fully aware of the great importance maintenance plays in the industry we operate in. Maintenance is key for the proper and efficient functionality of any lighting and power solution.

Landmark Electrical Contractors are skilled and trained in best practices electrical services in the communications industry.

Richmond, Hawthorn, Malvern, Croydon, Burwood, Rowville, Ferntree Gully, Emerald or Belgrave, no place is far for our electricians in Melbourne, they will be sure to reach where you are in no time. And you will always find them well prepared, well equipped to cater to any requirement. Hire us, and benefit from our easy availability and fast and accurate services.

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