Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting

The team at Landmark Electrical Contractors take a lot pride in designing and implementing energy efficient lighting solutions. Employing energy saving lighting has multiple benefits such as; improved brightness levels, reduced maintenance and of course a saving in energy. Sometimes an energy saving lighting solution may be as simple as relocating light fixtures to a more effective location.

We can provide sustainable lighting solutions for any setting, be it indoor, outdoor, or for other specialty needs. With our lighting partners we are also able to offer stylish architectural lights that not just look great, they perform exceptionally well too.

Our Melbourne electricians are also trained in identifying the most appropriate lighting system for every application to ensure that you get not just quality energy efficient lighting but a system that fits your needs. We can provide strategic advice on the best energy efficient lighting solution for you and will provide you with the most innovative and cost effective system technology has to offer.

Often a simple improvement such as installing occupancy sensors can instantly create large energy savings.

Our team also takes lighting maintenance seriously. When it comes to lighting, maintenance is crucial to ensure a highest level of energy efficiency. Lamps and lighting systems that are not properly maintained will experience decreased illumination while the system continues requiring full power.

Regular and correct maintenance by our electricians can help maximize light output and extend the life of your energy saving lighting installation.

Please Contact the team at Landmark Electrical Contractors to discuss the best energy efficient lighting solutions for your premises.

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