Voltage Power Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation

Being Eco conscious electricians, we investigate all avenues of energy efficiency to help our customers reduce how much power they use. One very successful way is to install a Voltage Optimisation unit. Having been utilized in Europe for many years, Voltage optimization in Australia is relatively new.

VO works by adjusting the voltage at a site to a level which allows all equipment to run efficiently without wasting excess energy. Reducing the voltage can create savings of up to 20% and increase the operational life of most electrical equipment.

Each site is individually studied then designed to ensure the VO unit will generate significant savings and achieve a quick payback period. Unfortunately typical residential households do not use enough power to be able to generate enough savings to make voltage optimisation a viable option.

Once a Voltage Optimisation unit is installed, it works 24/7 as it is installed at the main switchboard and processes all power that passes though.

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