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Solar energy technologies are some of the best alternative energy resources of today. With increasing energy costs and as concerns about the environment continue to escalate, the importance of solar energy is becoming clearer.

At Landmark Electrical Contractors, we are aware of the challenges consumers and companies face in attempting to adapt to alternative energy technologies and in fully implementing a solar power system. Thus, we make it our special mission to provide solar energy solutions suited for homes, businesses, and industrial settings.

We always aim to educate and work with our clients enabling them to make an informed decision. During the intitial consultation phase, we install an energy monitor to gain a true understanding of your energy usage. -We don’t read your bills and hope for the best!

Our clients deal with us direct throughout the entire project. Landmark Electrical does not use sales people or subcontractors. The CEC accredited electrician who conducts your initial site inspection is also the person who completes the solar power installation.

Our professional electricians are Clean Energy Council accredited to design, install, manage, and maintain complete solar power solutions that can deliver lighting, power, heating, and cooling powered by energy harnessed from the sun.

If you’re interested in solar power in Melbourne, we at Landmark Electrical can help you get started.

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