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Commercial Solar Power

The team behind Landmark Electrical Contractors is unlike any other electrical team around. Our contractors specialize in not just generic electrical work but energy efficient electrical solutions. That’s why we have a team of experts focused on providing our commercial clients with the top-technology commercial solar power systems available in the market.

Our commercial solar electricians have a single goal in mind: to help businesses meet the highest standards in the use of sustainable electrical resources. We are adept at setting up effective and durable commercial solar power systems that are designed to deliver as much solar energy as our business clients need. We can ensure the most effective solar power systems, because we understand that the more solar energy our systems are able to deliver, the more energy cost savings our customers will enjoy.

By using Landmark Electrical, you only deal with the one electrician who will guide you through education, design and implementation of your commercial solar power system. We hope to help our clients make a positive impact, enjoy savings, and access incentives for embracing green technology. In the process, we also aim to help sustain our world.

Our commercial solar electrician’s hold CEC design and install accreditations with a combined 12 years of grid connect solar installation experience. Please contact us now to discuss you commercial solar needs!

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